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Hanover@50 Debate

Hanover aims to be influential, innovative and to promote positive attitudes towards older people.

To mark our 50th anniversary in 2013, Hanover sought to stimulate a thoughtful debate on the future of housing, care and wider support for our ageing population.

We invited nine prominent think tanks from across the political spectrum to consider these pressing issues against a backdrop of austerity measures and our ageing population.

In November 2013, Hanover published its response – Accommodating our extended middle age to these thinkpieces.

Fabian Society:  Ageing in the middle  (April 2013)

Policy Exchange:  Housing and intergenerational fairness  (April 2013)

The Smith Institute:  Selling off the family silver  (April 2013)

RSA:  Sex, skydiving and tattoos (May 2013)

Demos:  Sociable housing in later life  (May 2013)

ILC-UK:  Downsizing in later life and appropriate housing size throughout our lifetime   (May 2013)

ResPublica:  Putting people into personalisation  (June 2013)

The Centre for Social Justice:  Strengthening relationships to prevent isolation and loneliness in older age  (June 2013)

IPPR:  Moving on: migration trends in later life  (June 2013)