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Ellen & Jeannette

Ellen And Jeannette 1

Ellen, who is 91, has lived at a Hanover estate in Nottingham since 1990. In the past she used to join in all of the estate-based activities, which included baking for special events and attending the coffee mornings.

Her daughter, 64-year-old Jeanette, had always liked the size and layout of her mother’s flat and its secure environment and in 2009 she joined her mother at the estate. At the time she was in full time employment but after six months she  decided to become Ellen’s full time carer.

Over the years Ellen has developed problems with her sight and hearing, so now when she wants to go out Jeanette goes with her. Mother and daughter have a lot in common and enjoy travelling and eating out. Jeanette has become actively involved on the estate, always helping out with social activities and she even teaches a line dancing class twice a week.

This year they will be celebrating Mother’s Day with all their friends on the estate. Jeanette is helping to organise the Sunday lunch and Ellen will be coming over for her meal after speaking to her son who emigrated to Cyprus and calls her every Sunday. So Mother’s Day for both will be spent with their 'estate family'.