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Estelle & Mick: finding love in later life

Estelle and Mick

When Hanover resident Mick joined the Coventry Solo Club in 2014 he never thought he would end up finding the woman of his dreams - but that's exactly what happened!

After meeting through a mutual passion for rock 'n' roll, Mick and Estelle had their first date in Broughton-on-the-Water, a picturesque village in the Cotswolds. The couple got engaged three months ago and are planning to be blessed by the local vicar as a special Valentine's Day treat.

Mick's top tip for a happy relationship: 'Although opposites attract, it's very important they like the same things and enjoy as many special moments together as they can.'

We'd like to thank Estelle and Mick for sharing their wonderful story with us, and wish them a very happy and romantic Valentine's Day!