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Hilda & Eric: childhood sweethearts

Hilda & Eric

Childhood sweethearts Eric and Hilda met at the tender age of 15. Since moving to a Hanover estate last year, bowling fan and fisherman Eric spends much of his time looking after Hilda and heading up the estate’s social committee.

After opening a card from the Queen on their 60th wedding anniversary earlier this month, the sprightly 81 year olds spent the day enjoying lots of pampering from friends and family.

Eric summed up his secret to a happy marriage: ‘Like all couples we’ve had our ups and downs over the years but we have always remembered our marriage vows -  in sickness and in health – which means that I will always look after Hilda.’
He also added that they always say everything is ‘ours’, not ‘mine’.

Happy Valentine's Day to Eric and Hilda from Hanover!