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Our merger

Hanover and Anchor proceeding to merger

Discussions between Anchor and Hanover have concluded positively with both organisations confirming they are happy to proceed with a proposed merger.

The two organisations announced in May that they were in merger discussions to form Anchor Hanover Group, making it the largest provider of specialist housing and care for older people in England.

The date of the merger will depend on when formal consents are given and formal registration with the Financial Conduct Authority. We will write to all customers at this time.

Creating one single organisation will enable us to do more than we can apart:

  • More efficient: We can negotiate better contracts with suppliers and pool resources and expertise to drive great value-for-money for customers.
  • More options: Our customers will have a bigger range of housing and care options available to them and our colleagues will have more career options.
  • More influence: As a single organisation, it will be easier to talk to government to ensure the importance of older people‚Äôs housing and care is understood and prioritised. It will also increase our work with local councils to deliver the services that communities need.
  • More locations: As a single, bigger organisation, we can access more money to enable us to build more properties for older people than we could remaining as separate organisations. This could include social rented, shared ownership and outright sale new homes. The new organisation will continue to be a major provider of residential care to older people.