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Shadow Non-Executive Board chosen for proposed Anchor Hanover Group

Shadow Board News Aside
The Shadow Board for the organisation that will be formed from the merger of Anchor and Hanover has been named.

The two organisations, which specialise in housing, care and support services to older people, have been in talks about merging to form the Anchor Hanover Group. The 10-member Shadow Board is made up of equal numbers from each organisation and will become the Board of Anchor Hanover Group.

As announced in May, the Chair of the Shadow Board is Hanover’s current Chair Dr Stuart Burgess CBE, who has been in post at Hanover since September 2014.

The Shadow Board members now being named are:

Mark Allan (Anchor)

Nicola Bruce (Hanover)

Julie Doyle (Hanover)

Mike Green (Hanover)

Alun Griffiths (Anchor)

Peter Hay CBE (Hanover)

Stephen Jack OBE (Anchor) (Shadow Board Vice-Chair)

Richard Jones CBE (Anchor)

Richard Petty (Anchor)

Chair of the Shadow Board Dr Stuart Burgess said: “The members of the Shadow Board have a huge breadth of experience, including social care and housing, commissioning, development, finance, HR and operations among other areas. The fact that the Shadow Board is made up of people from Hanover and Anchor means the proposed new organisation has huge potential to build on the legacy of both and achieve more than either organisation could apart.”

Existing Hanover and Anchor Board members were invited to apply to join the Shadow Board and a panel comprising the two existing Chairs, with independent advisors, made the decision against a skills matrix, taking into consideration the skills and experience needed and that of existing Board members. A principle underpinning this was to make sure that there was a balance of members from both organisations.