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What this means for residents

We believe that joining together will be an exciting and positive move for residents.

Please be reassured:

  • Your care or support package will not be affected.
  • You will not have to move as a result of the merger.


  • Any savings that we can achieve over time will be reflected in the level of service charges wherever possible.
  • Over time, you will begin to see a new logo being used along with the new name: Anchor Hanover Group. But we will bring it in slowly, to keep the cost of changing name to a minimum. Anchor’s care homes will continue to use the Anchor name.
  • You will have the reassurance of support from one of the largest telecare providers for older people in the UK.
  • Improved ways of communicating online, for example, when reporting or tracking repairs.
  • Customers wishing to move location within the Anchor Hanover Group will have more options, as well as support if moving to a care home run by the new organisation.

We have created a useful, downloadable booklet outlining what you need to know about the merger and consultation for Hanover and Anchor tenants and homeowners.

All residents have had the opportunity to give their feedback on the merger. Details are available on the consultation and engagement page. Please note that the formal consultation period has now ended.