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Key facts

Seven key facts about about Hanover

  1. We manage around 19,000 properties (two thirds are let to tenants, while the remainder we manage on behalf of homeowners).
  2. We manage approximately 600 unique estates in a wide variety of local authority areas. The largest concentration of our estates is in the London Borough of Hackney.
  3. Hanover developed its first Extra Care Housing estate over 20 years ago and is one of the largest providers of this type of accommodation, with nearly 2,500 properties.
  4. Our round-the-clock in-house emergency and telecare monitoring service (Hanover on Call) takes over 1,000 calls on average per day.
  5. Our free Be Wise advice service has helped identify over £6 million of extra income for residents over the last four years.
  6. Our investment in staff and in customer service is recognised in the highest awards standards for Investors in People (gold standard).
  7. In the latest independent survey of tenants and residents, 91% of Hanover customers expressed high levels of overall satisfaction with our management of their homes and our services.