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Vision & values

Our five year strategy is designed to ensure Hanover is able to grasp new challenges and that we are prepared for the future. It also puts value for money at the heart of the way we operate, helping to improve affordability for all our residents.

Alongside our commitment to improve affordability as much as possible, we seek to maintain or improve residents’ wellbeing and aim to help them remain in their Hanover home if they wish, as their care or support needs change.

We remain ambitious to develop and improve our properties and services to meet the changing needs and expectations of older people. We aim to be influential, innovative and promote positive attitudes towards older people through our work.

Our values offer an insight into how Hanover staff go about delivering our services. These values underpin the way we work at Hanover and provide a sense of our character, culture and ethos.

Demonstrating openness and transparency when dealing with others and giving timely feedback

Reducing barriers and helping others

Taking every opportunity to recognise and celebrate success

Pioneering services, always seeking to improve and take responsibility for our actions

Listening and putting excellent customer service at the heart of everything we do

Valuing everyone for who they are and welcoming diversity