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Our values

Our values underpin everything that we do.

We want to attract candidates who share our values - the behaviours, approach and characteristics that Hanover seeks to demonstrate in all that it does.


At Hanover we're committed to being honest through demonstrating openness and transparency when dealing with others, and by giving timely and constructive feedback.

We’re transparent in our everyday work, providing honest and positive feedback to each other. We believe in being transparent, sharing information and news, and keeping our team and customers up to date.


At Hanover we are committed to being connected. We look to engage and include everyone by reducing barriers and helping others.

Our age-exclusive communities bring people with similar lifestyles together, encouraging neighbourliness and reducing isolation.

We work in partnership with community organisations that can provide a wider range of services both on and outside our developments – including helping our residents to get online and stay connected with family, friends and the community.

Our employee forums support our staff and colleagues in sharing views and ideas. We have regular eBulletins via our intranet and ensure all our teams are updated and informed through cascade briefs and corporate announcements.

To help all our employees stay connected we have a Staff Council, whose role is to provide an effective communication channel between you and our Executive Leadership Team. They take a significant role in influencing decisions and driving improvement. They are there to represent your views and keep us connected.


At Hanover we strive to be positive. We look to take every opportunity to recognise and celebrate success.    

We champion positive engagement with our colleagues and residents. We also celebrate your success; we are a Gold accredited Investor in People.

We hold staff awards to celebrate our collective successes, and our focus on personal development and lifestyle benefits are designed to create a positive sense of well being and a positive work life balance.

Included as part of our benefits package is our Employee Assistance Programme (EAP). We recognise the importance of maintaining a positive sense of wellbeing and our EAP offers 24/7 confidential support including counselling, information, guidance and referrals on any work, personal, financial or family issues.

We are also working with residents to ensure they feel part of a community and are involved and included. This helps them feel positive about the road ahead and reflects our goal to be a top class provider of homes and services, working in partnership to support older people in living healthy, independent and fulfilling lives.


At Hanover we are courageous. We innovate and pioneer services, always seeking to improve and take responsibility for our actions.

We led the development of ‘Extra Care Housing’ with 24/7 on-site care. We also pioneered our ‘Be Wise’ advice services to provide residents with practical assistance through financial rights and energy advice, an energy switching service, home adaptations and contents insurance.

We are also courageous in the workplace - unafraid to introduce change and try new approaches.


At Hanover we're committed to being respectful - this is about us listening and putting excellent customer service at the heart of everything we do.

We have our Hanover On Call service, providing round-the-clock response and support. We also have a frontline services team who are absolutely committed to moving Hanover forward and ensuring excellent customer service.

We also listen – we respect all opinions and invite open participation and feedback. Whether you're a resident, frontline support or executive director, your opinion counts and we will want to hear it.


At Hanover we're committed to being inclusive, and this is central to everything we do. 

We’re passionate about providing a great service to our customers, but also about preparing well for the future. We want to be a place that attracts a wide range of people who bring a mix of experience and lifestyles with them.

As part of our commitment to being an inclusive employer:

  • We’ve improved our ranking on the Stonewall Workplace Equality Index
  • We’ve introduced groundbreaking training by actors on equality and diversity for managers
  • We’ve increased awareness of the range of disabilities, including mental health, which can affect people
  • We’ve increased our statistics on the diversity characteristics of staff to well over 95% of all staff members

Because we're a dispersed organisation with a number of offices and estates, our network of Inclusive Ambassadors is there to help if you have questions about issues to do with equality and diversity. They also lead on good practice and on challenging behaviour that doesn’t reflect our values.