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Homeownership tenure types

Hanover has three types of homeownership tenure: leasehold, freehold and shared ownership.


Many Hanover homeowners own their home on a leasehold basis, which means they have purchased the right to remain in the property for a defined period of time on a long lease. Homeowners with a leasehold have a lease agreement that explains Hanover's obligations as the 'landlord' and their rights and obligations as the leasehold homeowner. There is a service charge to pay and sometimes a ground rent. Details of charges are stipulated in the homeowner's lease agreement.

Hanover leasehold properties are usually sold independently via property websites and/or through local estate agents - if you're interested in finding out more, please visit our Estates with homeowner properties page to get started.

Leases are legally binding documents and we recommend that you seek independent legal advice if you're considering buying a property on a leasehold basis.


Hanover acts as the managing agent. Through the purchase process, a transfer agreement is provided detailing the services we provide and the associated service charges. We do not have any freehold properties for sale at the present time.

Shared ownership

Hanover has a very small number of shared ownership properties on a limited number of estates. We do not have any shared ownership properties for sale at the present time.