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How to apply - Extra Care Housing

There's a lot to think about if you're considering moving into Extra Care Housing at Hanover:

Having a care assessment

Once you have made contact with the estate manager, they will advise you on the process that needs to be followed. This may include a home visit from the estate manager and an assessment of your needs carried out by the local authority. If you're considering moving with a partner, it may be that only one of you has an assessment. The estate manager will help you with completing an application form and, if your application is approved, will take the form forward to create the tenancy.

Affordability, benefits and entitlements

If you would like some help in assessing whether it will be affordable for you to move into a Hanover estate, please see our Money Wise section. For assistance with information about benefits and entitlements, please call 0800 023 4477 (calls are free from landlines but you may be charged if you call from a mobile, depending on your call plan) or on 01480 224 753. Lines are open Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm.

Right to Rent

With effect from 1 February 2016 we are required by law (Immigration Act 2014) to conduct Right To Rent checks on applicants who will be signing a new tenancy with us.

If you accept a property with Hanover then you, and anyone living with you as their main and principle home, must provide one or several documents from the list of acceptable documents issued by the Home Office. If you do not/are unable to provide these we are required to do further checks with the Home Office and may not be able to house you.

Please see our Lettings 'Right to Rent' Checks helpsheet for further information, and the list of acceptable documents as issued by the Home Office.

Helpsheets to read before making a commitment to rent

Estate Management Services Helpsheet (standard print)
Estate Management Services Helpsheet (large print)

Service Charges Helpsheet (standard print)
Service Charges Helpsheet (large print)

Service Charges - What is Included Helpsheet (standard print)
Service Charges - What is Included Helpsheet (large print)

Support Services Helpsheet (standard print)
Support Services Helpsheet (large print)

Searching for a property

We recommend that you start by searching our immediately available properties to rent. If you see a property you like, you can contact our Lettings & Enquiries team on the freephone number provided, or send them a message. 

If none of these properties match your requirements you can widen your search. Please note that for most of our Extra Care estates we have agreements with the local authority to let a percentage of our vacant properties to people nominated by them. You will see the particular agreement for each estate clearly shown, with a contact number for the local authority concerned.

It is advisable to visit the estate you're interested in to make sure that it's right for you, especially if you have mobility or access needs. If you use a mobility scooter you'll be able to check whether the estate has storage facilities. Shared parking is available at nearly all locations, although this may vary from estate to estate.