A Hanover estate and gardens

Homeowner charges

We aim to provide clear information about the charges you have to pay as a homeowner. The charges you will have to pay will be set out in the legal document about your home. If you're a leaseholder this will be in the lease. Freeholders will receive a freehold transfer document. Before you buy your home, we will send your solicitor information about the current charges.

If you’re a leaseholder, your lease may say you have to pay ground rent. If so, the amount will be shown in your lease. It is rarely more than £250 per year, and may be much less. Often it is payable annually or in six-monthly instalments.

The service charge covers the cost of providing services, repairing and maintaining the shared areas, facilities and the buildings. The services vary at every estate and will be set out in your lease or transfer. They may include:

  • Shared facilities such as gardens, lounge, laundry or guest room
  • Estate equipment such as door entry systems, alarms and lifts
  • The estate manager service
  • Buildings insurance
  • Repairs and maintenance of the buildings and facilities

Please see our How to pay your service charges page for full details.

Support charges cover the cost of some services provided by on-site staff. We show these separately so that, where possible, they can be paid by the local authority. Even if you own your home you may be entitled to help with paying any charge for support. We also have additional information available as listed below.

Occasionally, we may propose changing (increasing or decreasing) the services at your estate. If so, we will always comply with the requirements of the lease or transfer and consult with you as required by the Association of Retirement Housing Managers Code of Practice.

You are responsible for paying the bills for your property, including electricity, gas, water rates, council tax and home contents insurance. In some properties, the cost of some domestic supplies such as water, heating and hot water is included in the service charge. We will tell you if this is the case. If you have any questions about your charges after you have bought your home, your housing manager will be pleased to help you.