A Hanover estate and gardens

Management services

We have a range of management services to ensure that homeowners have their estate managed in the way they choose.

Every Hanover estate has a local agreement that explains residents’ choices about how they wish their estate to be managed. You can find out more on our Local agreements page.

Sometimes we provide management services to estates where Hanover is not the landlord, under a Right to Manage agreement. Where we are employed by homeowners via a Right to Manage company, we will clearly explain the management services we will deliver as part of the management agreement.

Management options

  • Owners companies: we have financial expertise to provide accounts for your company. We will offer our expert advice on essential legislative and management issues (health and safety, employment of staff, Section 20 consultation, reserve fund management)
  • Landlords: if you would like Hanover to manage your estate on your behalf, we can offer (in addition to the estate management model) services such as ground rent collection or other income

If you're unhappy with the services you currently receive from your manager, you can set up a Right to Manage Company without establishing any faults. This means that you're then able to choose a new manager. We can help you through this process.