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Asset Management Strategy

We've been making a number of changes to the way we deliver servicing and maintenance.

At the beginning of 2018, Hanover started a programme of procuring long term contracts for all of the major works we carry out on our estates.

We divided the works into a number of packages to be consulted with residents on over a period of time, starting with the consultation for package 1 in January 2018. This package was for all major works, such as cyclical redecorations, building works, and so on. More details of the packages and how we propose moving forward with them are detailed in our Section 20 guidance booklet which you can view and/or download below.

Residents received the first stage letter of the Section 20 Consultation we are required to carry out with residents in January 2018.

If you did not live in your property at that time, you will have been provided with more information about this when you signed your tenancy agreement or purchased your home.

We are now at the next stage of the process after evaluating the tenders received. Residents will be receiving consultation letters advising them of our proposals and will have a final opportunity to comment.

You will find the latest consultation documents for each region below, and our Section 20 guidance booklet.

If you need any further information, please contact your local Anchor Hanover Housing team member. Alternatively, you can call our response line on 0808 1695138 or send an email to response@hanover.org.uk.

Consultation documents for each region

Details of proposal East region.pdf

Details of proposal North region.pdf

Details of proposal South region.pdf

Details of proposal West region.pdf

Planned maintenance information

Section 20 guidance booklet December 2018.pdf