A Hanover estate and gardens

Asset Management Strategy

We've been making a number of changes to the way we deliver servicing and maintenance.

Since the Asset Management Strategy was approved by our Board in 2016, we've been making a number of changes to the way we deliver servicing and maintenance in our homes, all designed to improve customer service and value for money.

We've recently established new long-term contracts for domestic heating installations and servicing, and the surveying and removal of asbestos. Theserelationships will enable us and our contractor partners to work closely together to focus on providing an excellent service to our customers, ensure a high quality of work, and manage projects in a way that offers value for money.

We're also in the middle of an extensive procurement exercise for our planned maintenance contracts – with the aim of moving to a smaller number of contractors and taking a more holistic approach to improvement works such as kitchens, bathrooms, windows and decorations. Again, these longer term partnerships should provide a range of benefits as well as the opportunity for contractors to provide added value for our residents and communities – from local training and jobs, investment and projects on estates such as improvements to communal areas, resident training and social activities. Customer representatives from a number of the our National Residents Groups have been involved in this procurement exercise.

Another area of focus has been reviewing all of our estates to ensure they are fit for the future. This means making sure they meet residents' needs and aspirations, are in demand, and provide a good return on investment for Hanover. Where this is not the case, we are identifying what we can do to turn this around. This ongoing project has resulted in significant investment and targeted support for a number of estates, including:

  • Redesigning the layout of buildings and bringing unused buildings back into use
  • Prioritising investment in estates where we struggle to let properties
  • Focusing on estate management solutions such as different approaches to marketing
  • Working hard to tackle cultural and language barriers in areas where not all residents have English as a first language

We will continue to monitor and review the performance all of our estates as part of our proactive approach to asset management.