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Health & safety

We're committed to maintaining a safe and secure home and estate environment.

As well as our ongoing planned maintenance and improvement programme, we undertake a number of regular visits to monitor and service some critical health and safety systems. This includes:

  • Fire safety – all estates have a regular fire risk assessment as well as checks and servicing of fire alarms, extinguishers and any fixed electrical systems
  • Landlords gas safety checks and boiler servicing are carried out annually
  • Water systems are regularly checked by Hanover teams and specialist contractors
  • Any estates where asbestos has been used in construction have undergone in-depth surveys with this information readily available to staff, residents, and contractors

We've produced a new booklet for Hanover tenants about the importance of health and safety in their home.

'Health and safety in your home - Information and advice from Hanover’ contains advice about potential dangers, such as fire, gas and water. The booklet has been delivered to our estates via estate managers and area managers.

The full booklet and each section within the booklet are are available as separate PDFs to view and/or download below.

This information has been Crystal Marked by the Plain English Campaign for its clarity and ease of use. An audio version of the booklet is also available for residents - please contact your local housing and support team to request a copy.

Health and safety information for tenants

Health and safety in your home - full booklet (standard print)

Health and safety in your home - full booklet (large print)

General safety in your home

Security in your home

Fire safety in your home

Gas safety in your home

Asbestos in your home

Electrical safety in your home

Legionella in your home