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Rent, service & support charges

Information about the social rent policy (9 October 2017)

The Government has announced it will change the social rent policy after 2020. This would mean that social housing rents would increase by the Consumer Price Index (CPI) plus 1% from 2020-2025. This is being done to create a stable financial environment and help provide future certainty for social landlords. It is in line with recommendations made in the Government’s Housing White Paper.

As a result of this change, it is hoped housing associations and councils will be motivated to build more good quality, genuinely affordable housing as well as invest in existing developments and services for tenants. This comes as the Prime Minister outlined plans to boost home ownership in Britain with an extra £2bn in affordable housing

Meanwhile the Government announced it will open a Green Paper consultation into social housing. This is to examine issues facing the social housing sector including safety issues, the quality of social homes, service management and tenants’ rights. The consultation will also look at how social landlords can help to create places that people really want to live in. This is a welcome announcement from the Government and Hanover will be keen to ensure its voice is heard during the consultation process.

Tenancy charges

All tenancy charges will be set out in your tenancy or licence agreement. By signing your tenancy or licence agreement you are agreeing to pay the charges listed within it. The charges are reviewed every year and could be subject to change. The following charges may appear in your agreement:

Rent, service and support charges

In return for being a tenant in a Hanover property, you have to pay rent to Hanover. The rent received is used towards the maintenance and management of the property. Information about rent can be found in our Information helpsheets section.

Service charges are charges Hanover makes to residents (that is, tenants, leaseholders and freeholders) for the cost of services we provide. Services we provide might include cleaning or gardening shared areas, a lift and warden call equipment. The service charge will usually include an amount being saved up to meet future costs, for example, replacing a lift or fire alarm. Further details about service charges can be found in our Information helpsheets section. 

If you live in a property which is managed by Hanover some of the services provided would fall under the heading of support charge. Examples include: responding to individual emergency alarm calls; regular visits to certain residents; and discussing any adaptation requirements (for example, needing a shower instead of a bath). In some cases, these are funded by the local authority. Our Access to care page contains information on this subject. Financial assistance may be available to help with care and support costs - please visit our Money Wise section to find out more.

Other costs

You are responsible for paying the other bills for your property, including gas, water, council tax and home contents insurance. In some properties, the cost of some utilities such as water, heating and hot water are included in the service charge.  If this is the case, it will be included on your tenancy or license agreement. For further information on whether you could qualify for housing or other benefits, please see our Money Wise page.