A Hanover estate and gardens

Transfers & mutual exchange

It may be possible for you to move from your existing Hanover property to a different Hanover property, either via transfer or mutual exchange. To transfer you’ll need to complete an application, indicating which estate you would like to move to. Your application will be assessed in the usual way. The enquiries team will then confirm if your application is successful and on which waiting list you have been registered. There is no separate waiting list for transfer applications.

For further information, speak to your estate manager or contact our Lettings & Enquiries team on freephone* 0800 2802575 or via email to lettings&enquiries@hanover.org.uk.
*Calls are free from landlines but you may be charged if you call from a mobile, depending on your call plan.

Mutual exchange

A mutual exchange is when you swap your home with a person who is a tenant of another Hanover property or housing association, or is a local authority tenant. Permission to exchange your tenancy cannot be unreasonably withheld, but can be refused or made conditional for a number of reasons.

Please be aware that by agreeing to swap homes with someone else, the type of tenancy you have may change because you will have to legally assign your tenancies to each other.

More detailed information is provided in our Mutual Exchange helpsheet.

House Exchange scheme

This is a web-based service that will put you in touch with other residents who want to swap their homes locally, regionally or nationally.

Registration is quick, easy and free. A small charge will apply for non-residents.

The House Exchange website will try to match you with other households wherever you are looking to move to. You will be able to search for homes either locally or anywhere in the UK. So whatever your reason for moving, begin your search today by registering at House Exchange.

House Exchange also has a presence online through a range of social media sites to further help your chances of finding a move. You can even share your property advert on the following pages:

Once you find your exchange partner(s) and you have both agreed you would like to swap homes with each other, all parties must also gain approval from their own landlords. At this point, you will need to request a mutual exchange application form from us. This will then begin the formal process.