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91-year-old carer looks forward to Mother’s Day at Popple Well Springs

13 March 2015

Margaret Axtell Jenny 1
A 91-year-old carer and her daughter are looking forward to tucking into a host of culinary delights during a special Sunday lunch at Hanover’s Extra Care housing development in Tadcaster.

After living together for several years in their own two bedroom house in Tadcaster Margaret Axtell and her daughter Jennifer (Jenny) applied to move to Popple Well Springs two years ago after 68-year-old Jenny suffered three strokes.

As a result of her strokes the former personal assistant became wheel chair bound. Mother and daughter are fiercely independent and have declined the domiciliary care to which they are entitled.

Margaret supports her daughter by cooking her breakfast and lunch, doing her cleaning, washing, dressing and assisted bathing. The pair are very happy in each other’s company and are able to do most things together, including attending table top sales at the estate.

Margaret says: ‘We have always got on well. The best thing about living here is that we are never lonely and I have the peace of mind that Jennifer will be looked after by the on-site care and support team when I am no longer able to cope.’

This year the pair will be enjoying their Mother’s Day meal in the Popple Well Springs on-site restaurant, which will be serving a prawn cocktail starter followed by a choice of salmon or roast pork.

Margaret adds: 'I am really looking forward to Mother’s Day; it will be a great chance for Jenny and I to sit down and reminisce about the good old days. When Jenny used to come in from work I would have dinner waiting on the table before we would spend the rest of the evening chatting in the garden.’