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A wannabe Banksy - aged 106

13 March 2015

Lillian And Sheila 2
A 106-year-old woman from Barking who lived through the roaring 20s and has vivid memories of a German Zeppelin bombing Purfleet during the First World War has dreams of becoming the next Banksy after taking her first art class.

Former biscuit factory worker Lillian Twinley from Harp House, a Hanover Housing Extra Care scheme, was joined by her 81-year-old daughter Shelia Cartwright for the master class with local artist Ron Wood.

Ron showed Lillian a few basic techniques, including how to create an artistic sketch of a landscape. After the lesson he showed Sheila how to create a caricature of former US President Ronald Reagan in just 15 minutes.

Mother and daughter both enjoyed the class. Lillian said: ‘After a few more lessons from Ron I think that I could really get the hang of sketching. Who knows, one day I may even try using a spray can and learn how to paint like Banksy.’

Since moving to the Hanover scheme from respite care in April 2005 great-great-grandmother Lillian hasn’t looked back. She regularly goes to bingo and attends quiz nights in the residents' lounge.

Daughter Shelia added: ‘With a fantastic lounge, restaurant, care and support staff there is nowhere else my mother would rather be.’