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Bicester man makes first parachute jump at 70

10 February 2015

Brian Parachute Jump

A man from Bicester has experienced his first charity parachute jump - at the age of 70!

After losing his wife Barbara to cancer in 2006 Hanover Gardens resident Brian Fox finally decided to take the plunge at the Hinton Skydiving Centre, Stean, Northants. On the day he was joined by his son Steven and sky diving instructor Geoff Wood.

The last ten years had been quite turbulent for Brian and Barbara. Having lived in Zimbabwe since 1980 they were forced to flee the Mugabe regime, eventually returning to England via South Africa in 2007.

Brian says: ‘My wife became ill in 2004 while we were living in Bulawayo. Unfortunately the local doctors and medical facilities were unable to treat her so after a few months we crossed the border and started her treatment in South Africa.’

Barbara continued to receive treatment in South Africa for several months before the couple decided to return to Zimbabwe in October 2006. Six days later Barbara passed away.

Brian adds: ‘I have always wanted to sky dive but Barbara was always worried for my safety. After her death I decided to fulfil my ambition and raise money for a worthy cause.

‘Sky diving has taught me that that the scariest thing about all of these adrenaline-inducing sports is the initial anticipation of the free fall rather than the fall itself.

‘I would recommend sky diving to anyone keen to take the plunge. The adrenaline rush has certainly raised my spirits and for my next challenge I am planning a wing walk on my 75th birthday.’