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Enter the dragon – residents from Regency Court celebrate Chinese New Year

19 February 2015

Chinese Dragon 2015 Completed

Art enthusiasts from Regency Court, in Bromley, Kent, have unveiled their depiction of a dragon to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Young-at-heart residents from the extra care housing development owned by Hanover Housing Association were treated to a day of celebrations, including a festive meal, a review of their horoscope and an informative talk about the Chinese Zodiac.

With roots dating back many centuries, Chinese New Year 2015 begins on 19 February and ends on 5 March.

Chinese New Year is based on the lunar calendar and is associated with the Chinese Zodiac, which has 12 animal signs – this year is the year of the goat.

Ninety-year-old Jean Swallow said: ’Although I'd heard of Chinese New Year I never had the chance to celebrate it. The spring rolls were very tasty and it was very interesting to learn about the signs of the Chinese Zodiac.’

Tara Gaynor, Estate Manager at Hanover Housing Association, added: ‘When they realised that Chinese New Year was coming up, the Regency Court art group came up with the idea of creating their own Chinese Dragon. We have a fantastic bunch of residents who are always looking to try something new.’