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Hanover helps residents through the benefits maze with a new guide

6 July 2015

Hanover, which has helped increase the income of its residents by over £3 million in just three years, has launched a new step-by-step guide on how to claim benefits.

The new publication, Be Wise with Hanover, provides practical assistance to residents on how to maximise their incomes.

In addition to the guide, Hanover’s financial rights and energy advice teams carry out confidential benefit checks, along with the opportunity to discuss entitlement. The organisation’s in-house energy adviser helps residents to get the best deal from their energy supplier or, failing that, helps with switching.

The financial rights service also provides freephone helplines to answer queries and give practical advice based on individuals’ circumstances, alongside poster campaigns to raise awareness of key benefits and changes.

Chris Munday, Executive Director of Operations for Hanover, says: ’It can sometimes be hard to know if you can afford to live in retirement housing or if you are maximising your entitlement to benefits. The rules for claiming benefits are often reviewed and amended by government and can be particularly complex. This guide and Hanover’s other financial rights services help explain which benefits may be available to residents and how they can claim them.’