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Hanover retains Customer Service Excellence accreditation

15 December 2015

CSE Standard 1

Hanover Housing Association has retained the prestigious Customer Service Excellence (CSE) standard.

CSE is a Government standard promoting excellent customer service throughout the public sector.

On awarding the standard, the assessor commented that honesty, openness, transparency and integrity were evident. The assessor added that Hanover had an excellent understanding of the needs of older people, demonstrated by its leadership in developing new models of housing for this group.

As part of the assessment Hanover demonstrated a strong commitment to engagement with residents and openness with finances.

Hanover resident Daniel Davis says: 'Since moving to Old School Close, Stokenchurch I have had a number of opportunities to help inform the decision-making process.

‘I was recently invited by the Technical and Procurement team to represent residents’ views and assist with the selection process for Hanover’s alarm call tender. This gave me the chance to help the organisation select a provider capable of meeting the current and future needs of Hanover’s 19,000+ residents.’

In addition, the assessor commended Hanover for supporting older people’s issues through age-friendly space standards and the Guardian newspaper’s series of events at the autumn party political conferences.

Kevan Forde, Head of Service Improvement at Hanover, adds: ’We are delighted to retain our Customer Services Excellence status. This underlines the commitment of our staff to delivering an outstanding service that customers really value.’