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Fresh new look for Hanover Gardens in Bracknell

25 July 2016

Bracknell Lounge

As a leading national provider for people aged over 55, Hanover prides itself on its range of attractive and affordable homes. 

So, when the organisation’s Housing Management team noticed that residents of Hanover Gardens in Bracknell had started to grow weary of the decor and lighting in their lounge, they immediately set about looking at how they could make the surroundings more appealing.

Following discussions with residents, Hanover’s housing and technical teams, led by Soulla Loizou and Diane Browne, decided to rejuvenate the outdated design and give the residents’ lounge a contemporary feel. 

To help create a more ambient social space with a fresh new look, Hanover brightened up the colours in the room, painted a feature wall and lowered the ceiling.

Along with transforming the space aesthetically, in order to help reduce energy costs the team replaced traditional lighting with modern LED lighting. The design and specification was undertaken in partnership with SSE. The lighting was vigorously tested for energy efficiency and reliability before a suitable scheme was selected for the estate. 

Adrian Green, Technical Manager for Hanover said: 'The original idea for the lounge was inspired by modern up-to-date layouts used in similar developments.

'We wanted this to be a contemporary and high quality design, which helps improve residents’ health and wellbeing by improving the overall ambience of the lounge.

'As an added bonus, the new LED lighting is saving an average of 60% a year on lighting bills, which is expected to give an overall saving in electricity usage of over 15% on the annual shared electricity bill. This approach allows Hanover to free up funds to carry out any additional improvements at the estate.'

Hanover resident, 87-year-old Ena Stanton, said: 'Our new room is fantastic! I can’t wait to have my first fish supper in there with my friends and neighbours.'