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Hanover achieves 91 per cent in resident satisfaction survey

26 January 2016

A national housing provider for the over 55s known for its commitment to residents' wellbeing and to innovation has achieved a 91 per cent overall satisfaction rating in its latest independent Resident Satisfaction Survey. 

The report stated that the majority of residents believe that Hanover is still providing an extremely good housing service. 

The survey – conducted by Acuity and using the HouseMark STAR survey methodology - was commissioned as part of the retirement housing provider’s regular assessment of resident satisfaction and to assess whether the organisation needs to make changes to the current service provision provided to residents living on Hanover’s 600+ estates across the country. 

Nearly 3,000 tenants took part in the survey, which represented a 61 per cent response rate – up seven per cent from 2013. 

Analysis has shown that one of the most important drivers of satisfaction is the overall quality of residents’ homes, closely followed by providing value for money, affordable rents and high quality repairs. 

Each Hanover development is provided with its own repairs budget with each estate only using approved local repairs contractors selected by residents.

Satisfaction levels with many aspects of major works increased to 85 per cent (up three per cent) whilst 57 per cent of respondents said that they are happy to recommend Hanover to friends and family. 

With over 50 years’ experience, Hanover is one of the leading providers of retirement housing and associated support services in England. Looking to constantly improve and adapt to meet the needs of residents on each development, the housing association has also established a wide range of methods to involve residents, providing every opportunity for residents to contribute to the decision making process.