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Helping Hertfordshire’s older people to hear more clearly

3 June 2016

Herts Hearing Advisor Service

With one in six people in the UK affected with hearing loss, and the number of people using hearing aids increasing, Hanover Housing Association has been working in partnership with the Hertfordshire Hearing Advisory Service (HHAS) to help older people in the county to service and repair hearing devices.

The initiative - part of Hanover’s overall approach to help improve the health and wellbeing of residents - has been coordinated by local manager Kim Bromwich, who became a hearing advisory volunteer after the death of her father.

Kim said: 'Helping people is at the heart of what I do. My father had experienced gradual hearing loss and Parkinson’s disease towards the end of his life. The loss of dexterity and poor mobility in his hands made it hard for him to keep his hearing aid in good working order. As a result of this, he found it difficult to communicate with others and became somewhat isolated.

'After his death I learnt of HHAS and decided that I would become a volunteer to try to help others with hearing issues.'
Since becoming a volunteer Hearing Aider, Kim has helped dozens of residents by re-tubing hearing aids and supplying batteries.

John Seaman from Hanover Court in Hoddesdon said: 'Kim and the team have helped me out on a number of occasions. At one point my hearing aid started playing up just before my Sunday church service. Rather than my having to wait for the next local walk-in clinic on Thursday, Kim had my hearing aid working within a couple of hours, so I was able to enjoy all the hymns.'