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New Jamaican High Commissioner receives a warm welcome to Gloucester

18 May 2017

Jamaican High Commissioner
Residents from St Catherine Court, a Hanover Housing Association Extra Care Housing estate in Gloucester, were cheered by a visit this week from His Excellency Mr. Seth George Ramocan, Jamaican High Commissioner for the UK.

Amongst those who rolled out the welcome mat was Daisy Thompson, who will be celebrating her 102nd birthday in just over a month. As well as being an avid Coronation Street and EastEnders fan, Daisy also likes to spend time with friends from her local church and enjoys exercising with sponge balls and maracas. She has been living in sheltered accommodation since 1994, with the support she receives from the team at St Catherine Court helping her to continue to live independently.

During the visit by the High Commissioner, Daisy was keen to mention that her niece is former Jamaican Prime Minister Porsha Simpson-Miller, who served as the country’s first female prime minister from 2006-2007 and once again took on the role from 2012–16.

Daisy said: ‘It was exciting to be able to meet the Commissioner and I was delighted that he took time out of his busy schedule to visit us. We certainly had plenty to talk about, not least the fact that my niece was until recently the Prime Minister of Jamaica! I am very proud of her and what she has achieved.’ 

Along with the facilities available for residents, St Catherine Court also plays host to the Black Elders Day Centre (BEDC), which meets every Tuesday and Thursday. It welcomes Afro-Caribbean residents aged 55 and over from the surrounding areas of Gloucester to take part in a range of social activities, including dominoes, exercise classes, arts and crafts sessions, flower arranging and singalong events.

The day centre has been held at St Catherine Court for over 15 years and has welcomed many visitors from all over the country. While the activities are well attended each week, one of the main bonuses for the guests who come along to the BEDC is the exceptional choice of food that’s available. Lunches often include traditional chicken and fish meals, while on special occasions the delights of curried goat or ackee and salt fish are on offer.