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News 23 January 2017 l Community

Community backs sensory garden project for Bicester estate

With the backing of local Tesco shoppers, delighted residents from Hanover Gardens estate in Bicester have won an £8,000 award to create a sensory garden.

The grant comes from Tesco’s Bags of Help scheme, which is funded through the 5p charge on carrier bags. The scheme offers regional awards for outdoor community projects.

Tesco partners Groundwork put the Hanover Gardens bid on a shortlist of three before Christmas, inviting local customers to vote for the winner, using tokens handed to them at the check-out.

Flood At Bicester Aside
For Hanover Gardens residents (pictured above with the Estate Manager and representatives from Tesco), the win means the go-ahead for their project to set up a communal, all-seasons, sensory garden with seating.

The finished garden will feature a backdrop of screening shrubs and a variety of raised brick planters and pots, with sensory planting. It will benefit from ambient sounds from a solar fountain and include attractive decorative iron arches.

Barr Hill residents call for support

Meanwhile, residents from Bar Hill near Cambridge are asking their local community to support a similar bid for the Hanover Close estate, after reaching the shortlist.

Tesco shoppers have until 28 January to vote in local stores to fund a multi-sensory garden for the scheme.

At Barr Hill, the project would include raised planting to allow residents with limited mobility to garden. For residents with visual impairments, there would also be highly scented plants with vivid colours and textures.

Hanover Close Estate Manager Rachel Slater said: 'We are very excited about the possibility of this grant, and we hope that local people will consider supporting our residents.'