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News 16 February 2017 l Health & wellbeing

Why we’re seen as one of the most pet friendly landlords in the UK

We have long been a champion of maintaining pet friendly properties, realising the positive effects that pet ownership can have on the health and wellbeing of residents. In recognition of our commitment to this policy, the RSPCA has awarded us its prestigious Silver Community Animal Welfare Footprint. Three of our Retirement Housing estates have also appeared in the top five of Cinnamon Trust’s awards for the most pet friendly housing estates in the UK.

Man With Little Dog Aside
The estates that made it to the Cinnamon Trust’s top five were:

The estate managers who have helped to create these pet friendly havens commented:

Richard Moore of Bishops Court
‘We are fortunate to have a very pet friendly estate. We have several pets with endearing personalities, including a 15-year-old Collie named Scratch who hates smooth flooring and will only walk backwards.’

Scratch Bishops Court News
Michelle Thomas of Dornden Gardens
‘We have a ginger cat here called Tommy, who is our very own Garfield. As a kitten he would often jump out of the first floor flat window on to a tree, where he managed to get stuck more times than I can remember. He is known to most people who live in the local Lordswood area because he wanders everywhere.’ 

Tommy Dornden Grdns News
Jeannie Nolan of The Ropewalk
‘It’s a really nice recognition for us to make Cinnamon’s top five. One of the wonderful pets here is a Schnauzer named Pip. He is a friendly, exuberant character who gives residents that feel-good factor when he invites them to stroke and play with him at every opportunity.’ 

Pip Bradford On Avon News
Studies have found that companion animals lower blood pressure and help to regulate the heart rate during stressful situations. Pet owners tend to make fewer visits to the doctor, take more exercise and are often less depressed as a result of increased social interaction. Looking after an animal can also give older people a sense of responsibility and purpose, while reducing isolation for those who live alone. 

The Cinnamon Trust is the only specialist national charity for older people and their companion animals. With a network of 15,000 volunteers to help out with practical matters such as dog walking, their aim is to keep owners and pets together for as long as possible. When staying at home is no longer an option, the Trust’s pet friendly register lists care homes and retirement housing estates that are happy to accept pets. Providing previous arrangements have been made, they will also take on life time care of a pet on the owner’s death, giving many owners peace of mind, knowing that their pet will be well looked after.