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News 24 October 2017 l Housing

Government proposals on housing benefit

Following an announcement today by the Prime Minster that the Local Housing Allowance (LHA) cap will not apply to supported housing or the wider social rented sector, we have issued the following statement in response alongside Anchor and Housing & Care 21:

"We welcome the decision by the Government not to proceed with the imposition of the LHA cap on older people’s housing. We are pleased that the sector and the older, vulnerable people we serve do appear to have been listened to. There is a strong and growing body of evidence showing the vital role of sheltered housing in enabling people to stay independent for longer, and saving huge sums for the NHS. At a time when our health and social care services have never been under greater pressure, the proposals had put existing services at risk and prevented new developments from being built. It will be crucial to look at the detail of the revised approach being produced next week and the forthcoming Autumn Budget. We will want assurance that the new approach does reflect real costs as well as maintaining housing benefit and ensuring the affordability of older people’s housing for those on fixed incomes. Such assurances are vital to ensure the protection necessary for older people and to allow providers to re-activate plans for developing more specialist housing for older people."