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Jane Ashcroft on the social care green paper

A letter written by Jane Ashcroft, Anchor Hanover's Chief Executive, on further delays to the social care green paper, has featured in the Daily Mail.

Jane's letter

It is deeply concerning to read that the social care green paper has been delayed yet again until the New Year. Successive governments have failed to address the social care crisis, and the country’s older people have once again been let down.

Whilst the government’s focus is rightly on Brexit, this cannot mean important domestic issues, such as the social care crisis, continue to be neglected and left by the wayside.

The number of people ill-prepared for later life is worryingly high – Anchor Hanover’s research shows just 14% of people are currently saving for care needs, and 25% mistakenly think that all care is state-funded.

With the sector facing an unprecedented amount of pressure and the bill for care set to rise by 159% by 2040*, we desperately need solutions that are fair for all.

The system can’t continue to fail the people it is meant to serve. The green paper is a chance for the government to turn this crisis around, giving today’s and tomorrow’s older people the respect and peace of mind they deserve.

Jane Ashcroft, CBE
Chief Executive of Anchor Hanover – England’s largest provider of care and housing for older people

*“Projections of Demand and Expenditure on Adult Social Care 2015 to 2040” – London School of Economics, June 2018

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