News 06/02/2018 Staying safe online

Safer Internet Day

With Safer Internet Day 2018 being celebrated across the world today, it seems a good time to highlight that older as well as younger people are often targeted by scammers and fraudsters.

The campaign’s slogan is ‘Create, Connect and Share Respect: A better internet starts with you.’ It aims to bring together more than a thousand organisations to help inspire conversation around using digital technology safely, responsibly and positively.

Hanover currently has some initiatives underway to protect and inform both residents and staff.

Scams awareness training

Training sessions in scams awareness are due to take place shortly for Hanover staff, which ultimately will benefit residents.

The idea came about following talks with Cambridgeshire Council, who had already delivered some scams awareness training on some local Hanover estates. The advice sessions enable residents to spot any such dubious activity, whether it is online or offline. If successful, the scams awareness training could be rolled out to a wider range of staff.

Digital Wise

Hanover is working in partnership with training provider We Are Digital, to offer Digital Wise training courses to residents.

The 12 week courses are delivered either at estates or nearby, with the aim being to help residents get online and to use the internet safely. Digital Wise is being rolled out as part of Hanover’s wider Be Wise service, which offers residents advice on issues relating to money, energy, insurance and the home.

As well as online skills training, We Are Digital offer resident groups support with applying for funding and the provision of equipment and broadband services. Depending on availability, they can also offer free taster sessions to other residents who show an interest.

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