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Hanover signs up to build healthy towns

Hanover Housing Association has been selected to join up with NHS England to help develop healthier places to live for older people and tackle some of the biggest health and care challenges facing local communities across the country.

The Healthy New Towns Network is a ground-breaking partnership which aims to improve the health of the nation by building innovative housing developments, including tech-enabled homes, integrated gyms and dementia friendly streets, parks and neighbourhoods.

Hanover is one of 12 organisations to join the NHS England initiative to embed good public health in housing. It will explore new and innovative ways to tackle important public health problems such as obesity, dementia and social isolation.

Some of the ideas that could be rolled out in future developments and regeneration schemes include:

  • ‘One-stop’ health hubs - offering citizens access to advice, dentistry, primary care and voluntary sector, all under one roof
  • Digitally monitored fitness programmes to get everyone exercising – using data from Fitbits to make busy urban areas fitness friendly
  • Community healthy food cafes – offering employment to those with learning disabilities
  • Pop-up community gardens – creating green spaces in urban environments, for local schools and residents to garden and learn about healthy living
  • Outdoor gyms - offering residents a free way of keeping fit and active

The new partnership represents a significant effort to join up services between the NHS, government and voluntary sector; and an increasing understanding of the importance of place making and place management.

Professor Sir Malcolm Grant, Chair of NHS England, said: ‘The Healthy New Towns Network means new and exciting ideas of healthy living will be at the heartbeat of towns and villages of the future. We aim to enable millions of people across the country, and future generations, to live happier and healthy lives, which is vital to delivering the 10 year plan for the NHS.’

Nick Sedgwick, Director of Service Development at Hanover said: ‘It’s exciting to be part of such an ambitious initiative that can help shape healthier communities for older people. This is an important undertaking, one which will allow organisations to get a sense of what can be done across local authority areas to deliver an integrated approach that better marries housing, wellbeing and support services.’


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