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News 17 February 2017 l Value for money

Hanover's increased energy efficiency results in huge savings for residents

As a provider of retirement housing, we put a high priority on tackling fuel poverty. Our Energy Wise advisers have helped residents save around £260,000 over the past five years. We are also improving homes through award-winning, innovative, energy-switching schemes.

Energy Efficiency News
Hanover and partners Kensa Heat Pumps won ‘Most Innovative Retrofit Scheme’ on 8 February 2017 at the prestigious Housing Innovation Awards. The award recognised the inventive design solution we found for a challenging energy-switching project in Ipswich.

Residents living in 22 flats at our Ashfield Court estate previously heated their flats with electric storage heaters, which can be expensive to run. With no gas supply available, we opted for Kensa ground source heat pumps instead.

Ashfieldcrtipswich Heat Pumps Aside
The design of the £320,000 project proved perfect for the site, but also meant that Kensa could draw on two streams of government energy-efficiency funding, towards the costs of installation – one of which will pay out over the next 20 years.

The scheme is perfect for residents: with their own pumps, they can still shop around for the best energy providers.

Meanwhile, in Hornchurch in the London Borough of Havering, residents in 68 Hanover homes are looking at energy savings of up to 40%, thanks to a £400,000 programme of improvements.

The project replaced their existing electric storage heaters with highly rated Worcester Greenstar 25i energy-saving condensing boilers. They also have new time, temperature and thermostatic controls.

Eagle Close residents Chris and Mick Sparkes said: ‘The new system is fantastic. In addition to saving money on our heating bills we are now able to control the temperature of our flat and have a constant flow of hot water whenever we need it.’

Mr And Mrs Sparks
Where estates lacked gas, Hanover made the scheme possible by funding National Grid to do the necessary work. This allowed us to bring real cost savings to some of our more rural estates, at the same time as reducing our carbon footprint.

We were later able to secure £30,000 from the government’s Affordable Warmth Scheme towards the costs of improving energy efficiency for all our homes in the area.

Hanover remains committed to finding ways to make sure residents can afford the energy they need. We will continue to lend our support to campaigns calling for wider solutions to fuel poverty across the UK.

As such we are backing Fuel Poverty Awareness Day on 17 February 2017, to demonstrate how a leading housing association can improve homes and reduce fuel debt for its residents. Fuel Poverty Awareness Day is organised by the campaigning charity, National Energy Action. It highlights the fact that more than four million households – around one in seven across the UK – are unable to afford a warm dry home.