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News 13 February 2017 l Value for money

Residents to benefit from lower fuel bills in Ipswich

We are delighted to have jointly won a prestigious award this week which will really benefit residents at Ashfield Court in Ipswich and offer significant savings on their energy bills. ‘Most Innovative Retrofit Scheme’ was presented to us alongside Kensa Contracting Ltd at the Housing Innovation Awards in Covent Garden, an event that celebrates inventive ideas and pioneering spirit shown within the housing sector.

Award Ceremony Prof Aside
This award follows a joint energy switching project, in which our main focus was to improve residents’ wellbeing and help lower fuel bills by replacing their existing electric storage heaters with Kensa’s more efficient ground source heat pumps. We anticipate that each resident will make a 30% saving on all of their future heating and water bills, while the estate will also benefit from lower maintenance costs for at least 20 years to come.

The new system is simple to control and allows residents to switch the heating on as and when required, which is something that could not be achieved with the previous storage heaters. The controls are accessible and really easy to use, with a low surface temperate of the radiators being an added safety measure for our older clientele. We recognise that these energy efficiency measures help to ensure residents will be both happier and healthier in warmer, affordable to heat homes. Our Be Wise team of energy advisers will continue to monitor the performance of the heat pumps in the future.

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The re-fit was carried out over ten weeks with minimal disruption to residents and the surrounding landscaped gardens, with redecoration of homes not being required due to the new radiators being installed in the space vacated by the previous heaters.

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Here is a selection of comments from satisfied residents:

  • ‘We went on holiday while the whole installation was going on – we came home after one month and everything was perfect.’
  • ‘Great heating! Instant heat - what more could you ask for?’
  • ‘The contractors made the whole process as painless as possible - well done Hanover for looking at something new!’
  • ‘Good, controllable, instant heating, and hopefully cheaper.’ 
  • ‘It was very interesting seeing the drilling. Contractors great, always had time to explain what was happening.’

In fact, Ashfield Court residents were so delighted that they gave 100% ‘totally satisfied’ ratings in the ensuing customer satisfaction survey. Estate Manager Beverley said: ‘The residents were amazed at how little disruption there was on the estate and the significant savings on their energy bills.’