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A fun way to get fit

Jeanette Brown 1

Residents of Lillian Hind Court in Nottingham have been improving their health and wellbeing by taking part in belly dancing lessons, which are held in the residents’ lounge. The free classes were created thanks to Estate Manager Pamela Rowland Pierce and dance teacher Val Parnham. Non-residents are welcomed and encouraged to join in. 

Pamela says: ‘Belly dancing is a great form of exercise for all ages, shapes and sizes. It helps to tone up the body, improve fitness, strengthen joints and beat stress. Since the classes started Val has helped many residents to improve their mobility too.’

64-year-old Jeanette Brown and 62-year-old Linda Grant are regulars at the class.  

Jeanette says: ‘Belly dancing is a fun way to get fit. We start off with a warm-up to make sure our ankles and hips are ready for the main dancing.’

The estate also offers a weekly tai chi class, pool and darts evenings, hairdressing and a monthly lunch club.