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Walking football

Walking Football

Walking football is football played at walking pace.There are over 350 regular walking football sessions taking place all over the country. This beautiful game is once again being enjoyed by players who thought they had hung up their boots for good.

Mainly aimed at the over 50s, the game is growing in popularity, attracting players of all skill levels and experience. It is a fantastic way of keeping fit and meeting new people.

Chloe Buller, Football Development Officer at Wiltshire FA explains: ‘Quite a few of the players that start at one session quickly grow in confidence and I see them turning up at different sessions at new venues across the area, which is great.’

The rules of walking football are much the same as the regular game, except that free kicks are awarded against anyone who runs. Hanover sent Hanover employee Jay Chapman to a session taking place in Chippenham, Wiltshire.

Jay says: ‘It was brilliant – a very good work out. Some play to lose weight, some to meet new people, some to get fit, but everyone had one thing in common – they love football.’

Tony Norton, who organises six different sessions across Wiltshire, says: ‘What other team sport can you participate in when you are over 50, regardless of skill level and have every player walk off afterwards with a huge smile?’

You can find out more information on walking football and about sessions taking place near you by visiting the Walking Football website.