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Connecting with people around us helps them to be the cornerstones of our lives, so it can be valuable to invest time in developing how we do this. This may involve family, friends, colleagues and neighbours. Building these connections supports and enriches us every day, and we want to support residents with this.

  • New residents will receive welcome information, telling them which local services are available, and we will arrange introductions to local services
  • We have facilitated information technology (IT) classes on a number of estates, helping people to get online so they can use technology to contact others, and we can look to do the same on your estate
  • All residents will have a named person to contact at Hanover
  • We will introduce new residents to their neighbours if they want us to
  • There are many examples of residents doing things together such as improving gardens and operating plant and seed swap club

Examples from Hanover of building connections

Nifty Knitters
Aldwyn Place gets online
Café at Fernbank Court
Volunteering is the key to a happy retirement