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Keep learning

Learning new things makes us more confident as well as being fun. This may involve trying something new or rediscovering an old interest.

  • We make information available about adult learning opportunities in the local area
  • We can organise a learning open day on estates to promote the opportunities that are available
  • We encourage residents to share their skills and abilities with their neighbours
  • We offer the Greenshoots funding programme to support those who want to try something exciting and new, and those who want to set up a small business
  • We are currently promoting the Men’s Sheds initiative to provide places of skill-sharing and informal learning, of individual pursuits and community projects, of purpose, achievement and social interaction

Examples of learning activities at Hanover

Helping residents to get online in Colindale
Trombone lessons are a birthday treat for Jessie
Age is no barrier in later life
Cooking master class for Kathleen

External resources

World Book Night 2017
This national celebration of reading and books, run by national charity The Reading Agency, takes place on 23 April each year. On 6 December new plans were announced for working more closely on a targeted giveaway of books to a number of different audiences, including vulnerable older people.