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Cooking master class for Kathleen

Popple Well Springs

76-year-old Kathleen Horner from Popple Well Springs, Tadcaster has taken her first cooking master class thanks to regional catering provider Caterplus.

Since moving to the estate in 2011, Kathleen has taken part in many of the estate-based activities and regularly holds small dinner parties for friends and family. She particularly enjoys baking cakes and fresh bread, and would love to cook just like her favourite chef, Marco Pierre White.

Kathleen says: ‘When I first heard that I would be attending the master class I felt very excited but a little intimidated.

‘I have to say they were very patient and have taught me a few tricks of the trade which I can’t wait to put to the test!’

Paul Watson, Catering Manager at Popple Well Springs says: ‘Kathleen was a very able student. For some time she has been very keen to create the perfect starter and ended up making a very tasty soup with Artisan bread.’

Following the master class, Kathleen and other residents were treated to a three-course gala dinner, cooked by the award-winning Caterplus chefs.