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Life’s a hoot at Hanover Walk

Owl 1

On hearing good reports of their service, Estate Manager Val Harber asked a Sussex-based owl society to pay a visit to Hanover Walk in Storrington. Owls About Town owns 20 of the birds, all of which are named after politicians.

Around 40 residents were able to handle the owls and watched ‘Boris’, ‘Nigel’ and their chums perform a variety of aerial acrobatics.

Val Harber says: ‘Hanover has great experience as a pet-friendly housing provider, and we appreciate the joy and therapeutic benefits that pets can bring. For those who do not have their own, we arrange for visitor pet services to come and see our residents.’

Andy Kendall, Owls About Town proprietor, says: ‘With the collective noun for owls being a “parliament”, we felt it natural to name ours after politicians. Whether or not they resemble their namesakes in character, we let others decide!

‘While we visit all sorts of venues with our owls, we always enjoy our trips to retirement housing estates. We can tell it works wonders for the morale of residents.’

Resident Diane Fletcher agrees: ‘It was lovely to see these stunning creatures in full flight. Hanover Walk has a lovely atmosphere and is enhanced further when we have visitors like this.’