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Local agreements

Hanover offers tenants and homeowners real and meaningful choices about the services they receive. 

Local choices

Our local agreements explain the services we provide and record residents' collective decisions about the management of the estate. Agreements are updated regularly in full consultation with everyone living at each estate. We help residents understand the choices available to them and discuss the implications. This often relates to the overall benefit of the service and how much changes may cost.

Typically local agreements cover:

  • Cleaning and gardening services
  • The role of the local estate manager
  • Parking arrangements on an estate
  • Residents Associations

Hanover decisions

We give residents lots of choice about the services they receive, but there are some decisions that we have to take ourselves. This is to make sure that we comply with regulations and maintain a high standard of service. These include:

  • Staff pay, terms and conditions
  • Lettings policy decisions

If you don’t already have a copy of your local agreement we can provide one.

Individual choices

Residents can also make individual choices about their own home and the services they want to use. Examples include:

  • Keeping a pet 
  • Use of support services
  • Changes to interior decoration

When you move into a Hanover property, we’ll discuss your choices with you. You can also talk to us at any time about the individual choices available to you as a resident.