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Community fundraising portal

Watch this space for a new community fundraising portal

To help resident groups raise their own funds independently from Hanover, we are in the process of looking to source a new community fundraising portal.

This portal will be a separate website. Any personal information you enter into the portal will not be managed by Hanover.

Informal resident groups are restricted from some fundraising activities, including asking the public for donations or running anything which could be considered a public fundraising campaign, such as adverts in public places. When fundraising, residents should make it clear that they are raising funds for their own group, for example. 'Runnymede Court Gardening Club' and not for Hanover Housing Association.

Residents organising raffles or any activity which involves gambling should ensure these activities meet the standards set out on the Government's Gambling Commission website.

Find out more

If you have any questions about our community fundraising portal, or other fundraising, please contact us via email.