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Hanover on Call

Hanover on Call supports more than 22,000 Hanover residents across England. The service delivers an independently accredited alarm call monitoring and telecare assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Hanover on Call is dedicated first and foremost to providing the highest quality helpline service to support Hanover residents to live independently in their homes. We achieve our mission by providing a timely, accurate and professional service at each and every resident contact.

Alarm call response service

Hanover on Call offers a range of emergency and alarm call services that can be tailored to suit individual tenants and homeowners. These include:

  • Monitoring alarm calls from residents' properties and communal areas
  • Monitoring communal door entry systems
  • Monitoring smoke detectors and fire alarm systems
  • Liaising with care and contract staff, and responders
  • Handling emergency repairs and maintenance when the estate manager is not on site
  • Regular remote testing of site equipment to quickly identify faults
  • Access to a 24-hour translation service outside normal working hours

Alarm equipment will typically include pull-cords or pendants. If you are a new resident, your estate manager will be able to explain how the Hanover on Call service works.

Residents can contact Hanover on Call by calling 0844 892 1013* or 01249 443 930**, or by activating alarm equipment if this is installed in their property.

*Calls cost 5p per minute from a BT landline, calls from other operators and mobile providers may vary and will be charged at their standard rates
** Typical rates from a BT landline are 10p per minute, calls from other operators and mobile providers may vary and will be charged at their standard rates

Telecare monitoring service

Telecare (also known as assistive technology) can help residents who are frail or disabled to continue to live independently. Telecare can be provided by an individual’s local authority, with Hanover on Call providing the monitoring service.

There is a wide range of telecare equipment that can be used to help residents remain in their home. Examples include:

  • Fall detectors, which are worn and activate an automatic alert if someone falls over and may be unconscious or unable to call for help themselves
  • Flood detectors, which provide an early warning of a bath or sink overflowing
  • Occupancy sensors, which automatically create an alarm call if someone falls out of a bed or chair
  • Vibrating/flashing alerts for individuals with hearing impairments

More advanced and sophisticated telecare equipment is constantly being developed and is available for an increasing range of situations. We work closely with care agencies and social services departments to ensure that residents are supported with appropriate telecare equipment and monitoring services if required.

Quality assurance

  • Hanover on Call is accredited by the Telecare Services Association (TSA) and follows its Telecare Code of Practice
  • Hanover on Call is audited by the TSA annually
  • Alarm and telephone calls are all recorded and the recordings are kept for a minimum of one calendar year. Regular monitoring of calls is undertaken to ensure the service provided by operators is of the highest standard

More information

Further details can be found in our Hanover on Call helpsheet.