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Building new homes

Providing housing choices for people in retirement

Hanover has a proud tradition of building new housing for older people, which stretches back over 50 years. Designs and expectations have evolved over that time and we know that we cannot stand still.

We continue to develop innovative products to meet local markets and our recent Downsizer developments have been extremely popular. For more details about recently completed schemes and sites under construction, please visit our Downsizer Homes website.

Our strategy for growth

We know from speaking with customers that they increasingly want more variety and choice in the services and support they receive, so we will continue to review our products and services to meet these expectations.

The same applies to the housing we build: one size will not fit everyone, so we're  devoting plenty of time to understanding local needs and choosing the locations for new developments carefully. We continue to look at how we use some of our existing land and estates more efficiently, including where we can invest in new development in the areas where we already have a significant presence.

It will take time to work through, but we're committed to using our funds wisely to develop housing which will have a wide appeal. Wherever possible we want to offer a blend of tenures within our developments so that all sections of the community are catered for. This means offering high quality shared ownership and affordable rent properties, while also providing an attractive product for people who want to buy outright.

Working together

One of the things we have learned in the 50+ years we've been providing homes is that we can't always do everything on our own. We believe in strong partnerships as they can deliver far more than the sum of their parts.

We have a long history of partnerships with local authorities and will continue to look for projects where agencies can collaborate with us to bring even greater value from our investment.

Please see Our development programme page for details of the properties we're currently working on. We're also committed to more partnerships with developers, such as our flagship Woodside Square project with Hill Partnerships. If you're a developer or a local authority and you want to work with an experienced, innovative and market leading provider of services for older people, please contact Andrea Lampard, Relationship Manager, on 01784 446 104 or via email to