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We're continually developing long-term relationships with contractors and suppliers.

Our relationships with suppliers range from basic commodities through to complex services critical to the delivery of our organisational aims – and good partnerships with suppliers are crucial to achieving these goals.

Our policy is always to work collaboratively with our suppliers to deliver value for money. Although price is important, we will always consider quality, safety, reliability, maintenance and after sales support before choosing an appropriate partner to work with. Whilst we recognise that large national providers can offer advantageous economies of scale, we also choose to work with many small businesses and individual contractors that can equally deliver services that offer value for money.

We are committed to supporting our partners in working towards the principles outlined in our procurement policies and procedures for buying goods, services and works. You can also find out more about our existing contracts or future procurement plan.

If you have any queries, please contact procurement@hanover.org.uk

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