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Our procurement policies

Our policy on achieving value for money is built on awarding contracts via a range of methods to purchase goods, services or works.

 The choice of method in awarding contracts will depend on the overall value and the type of purchase. Hanover is a housing association subject to public procurement rules and guidelines.

Competitive tendering is generally utilised when the value for goods, services or works are over £10,000 (£5,000 for technical works/services) where we use our eTendering Portal to conduct these tender exercises

For procurements above the EU threshold, we will undertake the exercise in line with the EU Procurement Directives.

For quotes/tenders under the EU threshold, Hanover has internal procedures and processes to ensure value for money is gained.

Hanover will search for available framework agreements as a way to achieve procurement efficiency and value for money before deciding to undertake a new exercise. Below are links to key documents and information for suppliers.

If you have any queries, please contact procurement@hanover.org.uk.

Procurement policies

Anchor Hanover Equality Diversity and Inclusion Policy.pdf

Anchor Hanover Standard Terms and Conditions of Purchase.pdf

Approved Contractors Code of Practice.pdf

Hanover Anti Collusion Certificate.pdf

Health and Safety Policy Statement.pdf

Health and Safety Statement of Responsibilities.pdf