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Tender opportunities & contracts

Keep up to date with our latest tenders, and check regularly for opportunities relating to your business category.

Current tenders

To view our current tender opportunities, please visit our eTendering Portal and then click on ‘View current opportunities’ at the bottom of the page.

Please note that registering on the Hanover eTendering website will not guarantee that you will be awarded a contract or invited to tender for any of our projects.

How to apply for a contract

To respond to a tender, a supplier should follow the instructions in the advertisement. This will provide details on the procurement process, timescales and other tendering requirements.

Tender evaluation and award

When carrying out tendering procedures, all suppliers will be treated equally and fairly and will have exactly the same opportunity to prepare their bid using the same information.

The evaluation team will evaluate the tenders in accordance with pre-set evaluation criteria and methodology. We evaluate tenders on overall value for money and in accordance with relevant legislation. Tenders are evaluated on the basis of the most economically advantageous tender. Hanover is not bound to accept the lowest or any of the bids submitted. After evaluating the responses an award decision is made, a purchase order and/or contract will be issued.

If you are not awarded the order or contract you will be notified that you have been unsuccessful. Hanover will seek to provide feedback to suppliers outlining the details on the strengths and weaknesses of your tender. If you have any queries, please contact our Procurement team at procurement@hanover.org.uk.