A Hanover estate manager chatting with residents

Energy Wise

Energy advice and switching to find the best deals for you.

Switching energy suppliers can be confusing. Companies show their tariffs in different ways and have a range of different plans. We can help you decide if you would be better off switching, or if you could make savings by staying with your current provider and changing tariffs. We can also check your eligibility for the Warm Home Discount or a Winter Fuel Payment.

Our energy advice service compares all gas and electricity suppliers against the prices you are currently paying. Statistics show that nine out of ten people can achieve noticeable savings on their energy bills just by changing provider or tariff.

There are absolutely no hidden charges or costs in using our service. Our broker conforms to the high standards of the Consumer Focus Confidence Code. Any industry commission made from a switch will be passed on to the individual resident involved. This can be up to £15.

Here are just a few examples of how we’ve helped residents save money:

  • A resident in Essex saved a total of £233 with the help of the Energy Wise service. Our advisor saved her £103 on annual energy bills by switching suppliers, helped her claim £140 from the Warm Home Discount scheme and found she is eligible for a Winter Fuel Payment worth £200.
  • A resident in Suffolk saved nearly £800 with the help of our advice service. As well as registering for a Warm Home Discount of £140, he claimed back £658 in outstanding credit on his energy account that he didn’t realise he was entitled to.

Want to know if you could switch and save?

We have a number of options for you to choose from:

  • Discuss your bills with our Energy Advisor on 0800 0232029. Please have your latest bill to hand
  • Scan and email a copy of your bill to: energywise@hanover.org.uk
  • Post a copy of your bill to:
    Anchor Hanover Group
    Freepost RTCU-TYLA-RAXL
    Nelson House
    Alington Road
    Little Barford
    St Neots
    PE19 6RE
  • We have a website which you can access yourself to carry out an energy price comparison

Please let us know how you would like to be contacted (by phone, email or a postal address).

Our Energy Wise service is part of our Be Wise services. You can find out more in our Energy Wise leaflet.

Tips to save energy at home

  • Use your heating thermostat and timer to heat your home without wasting energy. Aim for 21 degrees C in the living room and 18 degrees C elsewhere. If there are rooms you don’t use, turn off the radiators in them and close the doors. Talk to your Hanover estate manager if you need help with your heating controls.
  • Turn lights off when you leave a room, but don’t put yourself at risk of falling - keep stairs and other important areas well lit.There are two main types of energy efficient light bulbs available - Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) and Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). Both are cheaper to run and longer lasting than a traditional bulb. According to the Energy Saving Trust, switching all bulbs in your home to LED could save about £35 a year on your electricity bills.
  • Switch appliances off when they're not in use rather than leaving them on standby. Some equipment might need to be reset if it’s switched off so should be left on, such as Sky and digital TV boxes. If you are purchasing a new appliance choose the best energy rating you can.
  • In the kitchen - do your washing-up in a bowl rather than under the tap to save hot water, save electricity by only boiling the amount of water you need for hot drinks, and defrost your freezer every six months to ensure it runs efficiently.